We all know the (too) fast titling of a situation as a crisis – you get more hearing and undivided attention in the digital 24/7 information stream. There is a tendency to make a hasty personal decision without taking the time to reflect and consider the larger context. The „in“ can have two facets – on the one hand how leadership changes during and after the crisis and on the other hand that leadership is (already longer) in crisis.
A „black swan“ crisis like the one we are currently experiencing leads to a catalyst effect and is like an unmasked magnifying glass for existing leadership weaknesses. Instead of giving hope and perspective, micromanagers get lost in pointless detailed discussions about who is „allowed“ into the home office and control online presence and email response times.
The (working) world will not be the same after the crisis. Trust and emotional intelligence will not only increase in importance in the context of telework & Co. but will become the new currency. Long overdue changes in leadership and team design suddenly change from „impossible“ to „possible“ – a nice side effect of the crisis. I am looking forward to this new future – stay curious for further ideas & insights


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