When Micheal Stipe of REM composed „the end of the world as we know it…“ in 1987 and Johannes Strate of the Revolverhelden wrote the song „Die Welt steht still…“ 14 years later, they certainly had no idea how topical their titles would become in 2020 in the context of the Corona crisis.
In an ever faster spinning news culture where it is more and more difficult for the individual to extract quality from quantity, one thing becomes obvious and clear: What was considered impossible yesterday is reality today. Hand on heart – how would you have reacted to the news a month ago that the luxury company LVMH or the Beiersdorf Group, known through Nivea, cut back their perfume and cream production to produce disinfectants for hospitals? Or that McDonalds lends its employees to Aldi?
Even the narcissistic president of the USA discovered humanity and decided to continue to pay wages in case of illness.
In a private context my kids enjoy the online workout of the rapper Kontra K.
Approval procedure? Stage Gates? Endless processes? No-gos? Everything could be smarter…


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